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Multiple District 25 (Lions of Indiana Website)

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100% Club Secretary Award
Club Excellence Award
Exemption event notification application form
District Constitution & By-Laws (as amended 2016)
How to Plan and Conduct a better Club Project
Run a Better Business Meeting
Lions Club Officers Manual

Lions Emergency Response Plan
Indiana Law Camp Brochure
Indiana Law Camp application
Lions Memorial Service
Public Relations Guide
Lions Zone Chair Manual
LCIF Melvin Jones Fellowship Application
New Member Application
Carter Everage Fellowship Award
W.P. Woods Application

Indiana Learning Conference
Indiana Lions State Convention 2018
Indiana Lions State Constitution (eff. April 27, 2014)
Indiana Lions State Policy Manual (Revised April 24th, 2015)
Indiana Lions Distinguished Lion Award, and Application 201

Indiana Lions Foundation W. P. Woods Application
Indiana Lions Foundation Dedicated Grant Application
Indiana Lions Foundation Flyer
Indiana Lions Foundation Safety Vest Policy Form
Brick Plaza Update Flyer
Indiana Lions Foundation Brick Application
Indiana Lions Foundation Brick Letter
Indiana Lions Foundation Grant Application

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